Existing Tenants


Here's a little more information for our existing tenants. Thank you for choosing your perfect home with Metro Residential. 


Rental payment:

Tenants are required to pay the agreed rent on the same day each month via direct debit or bank transfer to our bank account


Moving on:

When your tenancy comes to an end please leave the property in a good condition, having fully cleaned each room.

Guidance Notes for Tenants Vacating a Property: 


These notes are designed to assist you when handing your property back to the landlord at the check-out appointment.


In order to protect your deposit against claims being made, it’s advisable that you read these guidelines and take the appropriate action.


  • All walls and ceilings should be dusted, wiped over (where necessary) and free of excessive wear.

  • All kitchen appliances, including cookers, hobs, extractors, microwave ovens, toasters, washing machines, tumble dryers, etc. Should be cleaned free of residues, grease and stains.

  • All kitchen cupboards should be cleaned and emptied of your food and belongings.

  • Fridges and freezers should empty of food, cleaned thoroughly, defrosted, switched off and doors left open.Ensure the property has been left a good, clean condition throughout and all of your personal items have been completely removed.

  • All items should be returned to exactly the same position as they are listed inventory.

  • All windows, mirrors and glass items should be cleaned and polished.

  • All woodwork, skirting, dado rails, picture rails, frames, shelving and cabinets, etc. Should be cleaned

  • and polished.

  • All soft furnishing, such as carpets, curtains, rugs, bed linen, towels, throws and mattresses, etc.

  • Should be laundered/washed free of stains (where applicable) and left clean.

  • Bathrooms should be cleaned thoroughly and all sealant and grouting should be free of staining or

  • mould.

  • All bulbs should be present and in working order.

  • All picture hooks, tacks, screws, nails or other fittings installed be you should be removed and any

  • damage made good.

  • Gardens should be in a well-maintained condition for year, lawns should be cut and all garden

  • implements should be clean and in working order.

  • Any missing or damaged items should be replaced to match.

  • Utility companies and local authorities should be contacted by you with meter readings on the final

  • day of your tenancy.

  • All mail received addressed to you after you have vacated the property will be returned to sender.


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